Marley Elise

Marley Elise
Founder & Designer



I am the founder and lead designer of Siren Creative Co., an independent branding and web design studio based in Kauai, Hawaii.

Hailing originally from Montana, my early experiences nurtured a profound appreciation for nature's beauty and the power of forging your own path.

When I was just 16, I traded traditional schooling for adventure and entrepreneurship. I embarked on some wonderful travels that took me from the mountains of Montana all the way to the lush landscapes of South America, where I transcended the barrier of language to find connection in even the most foreign of places.⁣

In 2018, I followed my curiosity and the pull of the Pacific, washing up on the sandy beaches of Hawaii. Welcoming a new beginning, I planted my roots, and it wasn't long after that I established Siren.

My Philosophy

I'd consider myself a very multi-passionate individual, and have embraced many hobbies over the years; music, photography, yoga, diving. But it was art and brand design that connected with me in a profound way.

I believe that exceptional brand design isn't just business—it's an act of appreciation and respect to the communities we serve— our people. Our communities deserve to live, work, and interact in places, and with things, that uplift us, inspire us, and foster our creativity.

Art has always been a fundamental aspect of human society and our development. From ancient cave paintings to modern art installations, art has played a vital role in shaping our culture and way of life. It has often been at the forefront of many cultural movements, driving social change and challenging norms. It has allowed us to communicate in ways that transcend language, culture, and even time.

Art in all its forms, whether it's graphic design, painting, photography, music, or dancing, has the ability to move us, to connect us, and to change the way we experience the world.

I see this potential in branding. Because the end goal is not to just create a brand, but to rally together a community. It's not just about creating some pretty-to-look-at visuals; it's about tapping into our shared humanity, and showing respect to our communities and the people who will experience it.

This philosophy is the driving force behind every project I undertake.

With nearly five years of experience in branding, I've had the privilege of working with diverse businesses worldwide. My role is to highlight their unique magic and turn their visions into tangible realities that resonate with their people.