Brand Identity Design

general timeline
6-8 weeks
What's possible
  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Direction
  • Logo Design (Primary, Secondary & Brand Marks)
  • Supporting Graphics
  • Color Palette Curation & Font Styling
  • Brand Guidelines
the process
Step 1

Brand Strategy

Just as a solid foundation is essential for a sturdy house, a well-defined strategy is crucial for establishing a strong brand.

Before we can start designing, we need to understand more about your brand/business background, goals, and who you're targeting. Designers and design teams don't know everything, but we find great solutions by asking the right questions and doing thorough research. This research phase sets the direction for the design work to come.

Step 2

Identity Design

A suite of own-able visual elements that make your brand stand out.

Once we have absorbed all the valuable insights from the brand strategy phase, we transition into brand identity design. During identity design, we focus on crafting a distinct visual representation of your brand. 

Our process involves in-depth exploration, conceptualization, and refinement to create a cohesive visual identity. We develop your logo, which includes secondary marks, curate your color palette, style your typography, and design supporting visual elements that reinforce your brand personality and add a little bit of *spice*.

Then, to ensure consistency and coherence, we create comprehensive brand guidelines that outline how your brand elements should be used across various platforms and applications. These guidelines serve as a roadmap for maintaining a strong and unified brand presence.

Step 3


This is the time for us to make any necessary adjustments, incorporating your feedback and making refinements until every detail is just right.

Step 4


Congratulations! The hard work is complete, and it's time to unveil your brand to the world. In this final step, we export all the finalized files and deliver them to you, ready to flaunt your new branding.

Step 5
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